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glaze over

1. Lit. [for something] to be covered over with a coat of something cloudy or ice. The roads glazed over and became very dangerous. The street is glazed over badly.
2. Fig. [for one's eyes] to assume a dull, bored appearance, signifying an inability to concentrate or a lack of sleep. My eyes glaze over when I hear all those statistics.
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glaze over

1. To cover the surface of something with a glaze or similar substance: We glazed the cake over with chocolate frosting. The pastry chef glazed over doughnuts with hazelnut creme. The road was dangerously glazed over with frost.
2. To come to appear expressionless or lifeless: Her eyes glazed over when we talked about her last book. His expression always glazes over when he gets bored.
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glazed (drunk)

and glazed (over)
mod. alcohol intoxicated. She has had too much. She’s glazed drunk.
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glazed over

See also: glaze, over


See also: glaze
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With continued investment that squad should have gone on to dominate Europe for years but the Glazer era squandered that golden chance and although still successful on the pitch, it has to go down, in Europe in particular, as a decade of wasted opportunity.
Malcolm glazer has finally launched his long-awaited pounds 800m bid to buy Manchester United.
If the interested party is Glazer, then it would appear he faces strong opposition from United's influential fans' groups.
We expect that during the day, we will have a lot of people come in,'' explained Glazer.
Claims that the Red Knights had the covert backing of Fergie in their pounds 1billion bid to oust the Glazers from Old Trafford were dismissed by the United boss.
The deal made with Canada-based Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, which bought Bausch + Lomb last year, finish a couple of years of discussion, Glazer said.
The thoughts of everyone at Manchester United are with the Glazer family tonight following the news that Malcolm Glazer has passed away.
The Buccaneers announced on their official website: "The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are saddened to announce the passing of owner/ president Malcolm Glazer earlier this morning at the age of 85.
Glazer has certainly made a name for himself in business.
Glazer, who holds a similar role with the NFL franchise, slashed season ticket prices by up to 30%.
The second-quarter results released by United yesterday were accompanied by a statement from the Glazer family stating they had no intention of selling the Old Trafford outfit.
However in a letter issued by co-chairman Joel Glazer, he confirmed to the lenders of the PIK notes that the debt will be paid by November 22.
The newly launched Glazer Enhanced Fund will seek to provide investors with targeted returns above the flagship fund, and will use two-times leverage to achieve this.
In a programme to be screened tonight, BBC's Panorama says the Glazer family's debts total more than pounds 1.
MANCHESTER United is not for sale insist the Glazer family amid speculation that the "Red Knights" group of wealthy supporters is poised to make a buy out bid.