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mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated; drugged or suffering from an illness. Mary is looking sort of glassy-eyed, and it’s only midnight.
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Glassy-eyed, glossy-haired songstress Taylor was the perfect preppy girlfriend to be welcomed into the Kennedy clan, and appeared to be channelling the golden years of the family dynasty in 60s-style shorts and crop tops.
45am it was littered with empty bottles and cans of beer, wines and spirits, and scores and scores of racegoers already glassy-eyed and pretty boisterous.
Paul Fox was glassy-eyed when he was stopped by police and fell asleep in a squad car as he was driven away for questioning.
Being sleep-deprived during maternity leave is tiring, but there are opportunities to catch a few winks during your baby's naps or at the very least to recline on the sofa staring glassy-eyed at daytime TV.
The result, he contends, is conference calls during which participants routinely lose interest in the conversation and mute their phones to tidy their desks, Power Point presentations that induce glassy-eyed stares rather than understanding, and hours wasted in meetings where nothing is actually achieved or resolved.
Loss was everywhere, however, and when I finally returned to the city after a few days, sagging shoulders and hollow, glassy-eyed stares were all too common.
Arsenal resemble a glassy-eyed boxer, forced to take a standing count in the ninth round.
For some of us, cutting back has come as something of a relief this holiday season, because it gives us a chance to back out of the rampant shopping mode that brings little but stress on the part of the givers, and glassy-eyed disinterest on the part of the receivers.
The chat show host emerged with lipstick smeared across his gob and a glassy-eyed expression.
It s the greatest feeling in the world, being a mother," a glassy-eyed Clijsters told the cheering crowd after her heart-tugging comeback win at the hardcourt major.
Perhaps the British expression comes from the rather glassy-eyed expression some inebriates acquire after a long session of imbibing unwisely and too well?
You see that the other pilot has a glassy-eyed daze and that he is wearing a defective oxygen mask.
Their desperation was familiar to the American soldiers and, glassy-eyed, they pushed the two stumbling men towards their armored vehicle.
Glassy-eyed people wander the aisles of the video rental store convinced that there must a perfect full-length movie--maybe two or three--to take home for the weekend.
We've bred a whole generation of acolytes to worship it, geeks who stare at you glassy-eyed if you have the temerity to address them face to face.