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The new glassy carbon electrodes will allow her to stimulate, read the electrical signals of and detect the presence of neurotransmitters in the spinal cord better than ever before.
Valuable information on the chemical composition, morphology, and spatial statistics of both glassy and crystalline phases can be obtained by employing scanning electron microscopy combined with X-ray microanalysis and multispectral image analysis.
The researchers found a synergistic interaction in the tiny region where glassy matrix meets nanocrystal that increases the potency of the electrochromic effect, which means they can use thinner coatings without compromising performance.
briefly discusses fundamental properties of glassy disordered systems at high temperatures close to the transition to liquid, then in more detail discusses anomalous properties at low energies, in fact at low temperature and/or frequencies lower than the Debye values.
On the contrary, in the situation of coarse or a high amount of free-quartz left undissolved in the glassy matrix when the firing process is over, then the high contraction difference between quartz and the glassy phase leaves stresses inside the body during the cooling of the tiles.
By exploiting the electrochemical behavior of the mentioned MWCNT-modified glassy carbon electrode, the members of the research team have come up with a novel nano-sensor for practical detection of the sulfonamides.
These materials have been termed as "Soft Glassy Materials" (20), (21), and their spectroscopic, rheological, and theoretical study is considered to provide deeper understanding into the ever perplexing glassy dynamics.
Despite Robert Storr's brilliant effort to reclaim Gerhard Richter for human emotion in the artist's 2002 MOMA retrospective, the glassy chill of his work reasserted itself in his recent show at Marian Goodman Gallery.
Smith, a retired researcher at the IBM Almaden Research Center who died in 1999 at age 79, is being honored for his pioneering studies of the basic engineering properties of elastomers and glassy polymers.
This book puts forward an alternative view: that, on the contrary, religion was always present, hidden behind Modernism's glassy facade, not thrown out but suppressed, like the Freudian subconscious.
The appearance of the grafted skin was more glassy than that of the surrounding normal nasal skin.
As for the pictures: a few of these seem to have been taken during television productions, which gives them a glassy light different from the deeper-toned stage shots.
the thermal expansion shows a relaxation of volume in the glassy component and an abrupt increase in volume as the crystalline component melts;
Army Research Laboratory say they have discovered that higher-energy impacts cause tiny bands of boron carbide to change into a more fragile glassy form, which was determined by observing the atomic structure of boron carbide fragments retrieved from a military ballistic test facility.
The ingredient is obtained by encapsulation of the mineral or vitamin in a grindable, glassy matrix composition.