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Having a lifeless or dull gaze, typically because one is ill or intoxicated. You're looking pretty glassy-eyed—are you sure you don't have a fever? Last time I saw them, they were at the bar down the street and looking glassy-eyed.

the glassy

Exceptional or excellent. Primarily heard in Australia. This burger's the glassy, mate!
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the (or just the) glassy

the most excellent person or thing. Australian informal
In mid 20th-century surfing slang, a glassy is an extremely smooth wave offering excellent surfing conditions.
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mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated; drugged or suffering from an illness. Mary is looking sort of glassy-eyed, and it’s only midnight.
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These are butterscotch-yellow to salmon-pink, sometimes glassily lustrous, flattened tetragonal pyramids resembling wulfenite and reaching to 2.1 cm.
The suave Italian, having clearly tasted the wine of our country, glared glassily, said `pardon' and tottered off.
Or so the novel suggests: her first and best potential client "stared glassily for a moment, but gave a slight convulsive start when he discerned that she was neither new, Parisian, nor theatrical" (52).
He sat immobile, staring glassily in front of him while Jack Kemp jabbered away to the crowd about Knute Rockne.
There are families with the makings of a picnic; there are young men with plastic carrier bags from Morrisons and Threshers that clink glassily. One or two bottles have already been liberated to offset the dusty rigours of the climb.
Here he has no option but to stare glassily in her direction.
A thrush skirls glassily in the canopy overhead, its song everywhere and nowhere at once.
As my lunch and I stared glassily at each other, the maitre d' cursed and shouted loudly at his staff, and pretended to be far busier than he really was (although everyone could see that there were only about 25 diners in the place, and his staff were doing all the work for him).
A wave of embarrassment swept over Helmholtz as he smiled glassily at the boy he'd won, the boy whose life he'd made a hell.
(The program notes that Be Be Winans has sung on the PTL Club television show.) Their oppressiveness is never more apparent than in the larger choral numbers, when the backup chorus has to march in place double-time, smiling glassily and clapping like hyperactive metronomes.