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Having a lifeless or dull gaze, typically because one is ill or intoxicated. You're looking pretty glassy-eyed—are you sure you don't have a fever? Last time I saw them, they were at the bar down the street and looking glassy-eyed.

the glassy

Exceptional or excellent. Primarily heard in Australia. This burger's the glassy, mate!
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the (or just the) glassy

the most excellent person or thing. Australian informal
In mid 20th-century surfing slang, a glassy is an extremely smooth wave offering excellent surfing conditions.
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mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated; drugged or suffering from an illness. Mary is looking sort of glassy-eyed, and it’s only midnight.
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Professor Neil Glassier The team will be heavily laden with equipment including four quad bikes, two trailers, scientific equipment, tents and enough food and fuel to last three months
I was also shown some blue spinel crystals from Betroka, Madagascar, which are glassier and quite a bit better than most I've seen before.
It is obvious that the ability of the molecular chains to move is more limited at higher frequencies thus it appears glassier and shows a higher [T.sub.g].
of cars grow hourly glassier, food means steak and cake, muscles prevail and
Madison, Wisconsin-based Stevens Construction was the general contractor.<br />The partnership envisioned a degree of refinement not typically seen in Minneapolis, said Evan Jacobsen, the Tushie Montgomery Architects associate who led the project's design.<br />The 14-story tower is "glassier than the product we've been seeing over the last couple years here in Minneapolis," said Jacobsen, with "Chicago-style market apartment finishes" such as pendant lighting and penthouse units on the top two floors.
No boxer looking for a world title shot should be knocked down by journeymen like Willie Limond and Michael Gomez - not unless they're driving - and a chin glassier than Cinderella's slipper is Khan's achilles heel.
By comparison, the equally good Dutoit Montreal performance on a Decca digital sounds lighter, less substantial, and, yes, harder and glassier. Go figure.