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White wine glasses tendto have a smaller mouth area and a smaller surface area to allow air.
Metal, the most age old glasses material, is widely used in the manufacture of eyeglasses frames.
Google completely forbid owners from reselling or lending their smart glasses; if they detected them doing so, Google said it can remotely deactivate Glass and not refund the $1,500 price tag.
Two or more contrasting glasses might be poured or melted, one on top of the other, in an open mould to produce blanks for cameo glass plaques and the like.
It prevents the heat outside the car from entering the interior in hot areas and does not let the heat inside the car go out in cold areas.Sales manager of the company elaborated on different types of such glasses they have produced, and said, "Laminate building glass is one of the glasses produced by Kaveh Glass Company.
The Indonesian products especially sheet glass and automotive glasses are highly competitive as they are produced in integrated industry with high technology.
Storage of chemicals and medicines in such container glasses for a long period causes the leaching of alkali from the glass.
Some specific paper topics discussed include the yttria-alumina glasses, transport and relaxation studies of ionic phosphate glasses, stress and strain testing of the strand of E-glass fibers, and convolution models for the dielectric
Lighter red wines, such as a dry rose, can be served in 18- to 22-ounce glasses. Late harvest wines, like the sauternes from France or trock-enbeerenauslese from Germany, can be served in six- to eight-ounce port glasses.
A new coating that prevents fogging and reflection could one day clear the world of misty mirrors, glaring glasses, and cloudy camera lenses.
Fire and Light recycles glass into distinctive bowls, plates and glasses. The products are made in the U.S.
"At Wheatleigh we use Spiegelau glasses made by a German company.
The word `stemware' most often conjures images of clinking champagne glasses and fabulous wine glass collections.
Sunergy is a new range of glasses which offers solar control and thermal insulation, combined with low levels of reflection.
4 thermometers * 4 large drinking glasses * aluminum foil * rubber glove * desk lamp * cotton handkerchief * other insulating materials (like a wool sock, Styrofoam packing material, etc.)