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the Gland Canyon

slang The breasts or one's cleavage. A pun on "the Grand Canyon" and mammary glands. Did she get a boob job? The Gland Canyon is much more noticeable these days.
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Gland Canyon

n. the cleavage (between the breasts). (see also Mammary Lane.) I’d like nothing better than being lost in Gland Canyon.
See also: canyon, gland
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Some Eastern religions, psychics and metaphysicians consider the pineal gland the seat of higher consciousness and clairvoyance.
Just below the epithelial tissue is a thinner layer of muscle tissue that gradually increases in thickness, giving rise to a layer of connective tissue septa between the cells of the mammary gland complex (Figure 2A), as described by Banks (1992).
2) Lesions of the Bartholin's gland are most often due to benign diseases such as cysts and abscess, whereas malignant lesion is rare.
A main function of meibomian gland secretions is to impede tear evaporation; its other functions include: providing a smooth optical surface; improving tear stability and spreading; preventing tear film contamination; sealing the lid margins during sleep; and preventing tears spilling over the lid margin.
Controversies surrounding the diagnosis and management of salivary gland masses often involve the limits of our technology.
Parotid gland (62%) was the commonest site involved followed by submandibular gland (19%) and palate (12.
Sample size was 78 patients with salivary gland tumors.
The conductor of the orchestra You can think of these hormone glands as the instruments in an orchestra and there's a gland in your body that conducts it.
Conclusion: It is concluded from the current study that salivary gland tumorsin the study population affect a younger age group with slight female predilection.
If the lacrimal gland is injured or damaged by aging, pollution or even certain pharmaceutical drugs, a person can experience a debilitating condition called aqueous deficiency dry eye (ADDE), sometimes called "painful blindness.
The third eyelid gland is attached to the base of the third eyelid where it is not normally visible and it produces approximately 60% of the tear film.
29 July 2016 - Indian generic drugs company Gland Pharma Ltd.
Cherry eye is protrusion of gland of third eyelid characterized by glandular exposition at the medial canthus, hyperaemia and increase in gland volume.
Some breeds are more prone to anal gland problems than others, indicating a possible genetic link to the disease.