glance around

glance around (some thing or place)

To view one's surroundings, often in a fleeting or furtive manner. I glanced around and didn't see anyone, so I stole two cookies from the cookie jar. Let's go sightseeing, huh? I was only able to glance around earlier.
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glance around (some place)

to look quickly around some place. He glanced around the room, looking for his favorite cap. Mary glanced around, looking for her friend.
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References in classic literature ?
Shooting himself perpendicularly from the water, Queequeg now took an instant's glance around him, and seeming to see just how matters were, dived down and disappeared.
Struck in mid-air, a trifle of a flying machine, all its delicate gears tangled and disrupted, Cocky fell to the floor in a shower of white feathers, which, like snowflakes, eddied slowly down after, and after the plummet-like descent of the cat, so that some of them came to rest on her back, startling her tense nerves with their gentle impact and making her crouch closer while she shot a swift glance around and overhead for any danger that might threaten.
"She's coming to the back door," said Felicity, with an agitated glance around the kitchen.
I want to get acquainted with my--my nephews and nieces," said Aunt Eliza, with a rather pleasant glance around our group.
After throwing a glance around him, with the vain wish of finding a single countenance in which he might detect a solitary gleam of sympathy, he endeavoured to smother those apprehensions, that were by this time reviving in their original violence, by forcing a sort of friendly communication between himself and the squatter--
Yielding to the extraordinary impulses of which he was the subject, he cast a glance around, to see that all were slumbering in security, and then he strayed towards the swell of land already mentioned.
And then, like a deer at a drinking pool in fear of its enemies, he flung a quick glance around to see if any eye were gazing upon him.
de Villefort, the object of unusual attention, and we had almost said of general admiration, sat in the arm-chair and cast a tranquil glance around him.
THE next time you're driving, glance around at the roads and chances are you'll spot a few Fords - if you're not driving one yourself.
Should you stand, wipe and find no flush mechanism, take a quick glance around. Is there a ring of appalled faces?
Parents lauded the idea of Open House at PISQ which provided them with an opportunity to have a glance around the school and enrich themselves with detailed information about the academic facilities and the entire working of the school.
WHENEVER I hear the name Pat Rabbitte I see a large fat cat asleep on someone's sofa, occasionally opening one eye to glance around before dozing off again.
A quick cup of coffee was made, and it was straight out to the room's private balcony to take in a deep breath of the fresh sea air and glance around at the sun-kissed property.
"The city has never lost its culture, drive or ambition - you only have to glance around the city to see examples of great businesses to understand why Birmingham is such a great place to be."
"It's like going up to the kitchen staff in your local Beefeater and thanking them for your burger." Sure enough I was up there at the end doing exactly the same; not my choice, I hasten to add, but having made my way to the pass (essential MasterChef terminology) it was fascinating to glance around the spotless kitchen and see with my own eyes the work that had gone into feeding my family and me.