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cast a glance

To look quickly (at something or someone). I always cast a glance at my desk to make sure I have everything before I leave the office at night. She cast a glance in my direction before she boarded the train.
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at a glance

1. With only a quick look. I have notes hanging all over my cubicle so that I can answer customers' questions at a glance.
2. Used to indicate that something is a brief summary. Here are our fourth quarter projections at a glance.
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at first blush

Upon first seeing or considering something. At first blush, I thought the house was great, but the inspector's list of problems changed my opinion. The contract did seem favorable at first blush, but it eventually cost me a lot of money.
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at first glance

Upon first seeing or considering something. At first glance, I thought the house was great, but the inspector's list of problems changed my opinion. The contract did seem favorable at first glance, but I can see now that it would not have been beneficial.
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dart a glance at (someone or something)

To look at someone or something quickly. That boy just darted a glance at you again! I think he likes you! You only darted a glance at that sign, so how could you possibly know what it says?
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without a backward glance

Without any reservations, remorse, or regret. Often used to describe leaving a place or situation. Likened to literally leaving somewhere without turning around to look at it one last time. I could leave this town without a backward glance—there's no reason for me to stay here. I thought he really loved working here, so it was strange when he up and resigned without a backward glance.
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steal a glance (at someone or something)

To look at someone or something very quickly and discreetly. That boy just stole a glance at you again! I think he likes you! I stole a glance to see if the teacher was watching us.
See also: glance, someone, steal

glance over (someone or something)

To look at someone or something quickly and perfunctorily. I always glance over my desk to make sure I have everything before I leave the office at night. I just glanced over him, so I don't remember if he was wearing a hat or not.
See also: glance, over

at first glance

 and at first blush
when first examined; at an early stage. At first glance, the problem appeared quite simple. Later we learned just how complex it really was. He appeared quite healthy at first glance. At first blush, she appeared to be quite old.
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dart a glance at someone or something

to shoot a quick look at someone or something. She darted a glance at him and looked quickly away. He darted a glance at the door and looked even more uncomfortable.
See also: dart, glance

fleeting glance

Fig. a quick glance; a very brief look. I had a fleeting glance at the car as it sped by, but I couldn't read the license place number.
See also: glance

furtive glance

a secret or quick glance, quickly averted. He made a furtive glance in the direction of the closet when the robbers asked where the jewelery was hidden.
See also: glance

glance around (some place)

to look quickly around some place. He glanced around the room, looking for his favorite cap. Mary glanced around, looking for her friend.
See also: around, glance

glance at someone or something

to look quickly at someone or something. Sharon glanced at Todd to see if he looked as if he was ready to go. I glanced at my watch and realized how long all this had taken.
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glance back

 (at someone)
1. to look quickly at someone who is looking at you. He glanced back at Mary, so he could remember her smile. She hoped he would notice her but he never even glanced back.
2. to look quickly at someone who is behind you. Dan glanced back at the man chasing him and ran on even faster. He glanced back and ran faster.
See also: back, glance

glance down (at something)

to look quickly downward at something. Sherri glanced down at her watch and then pressed on the accelerator. She glanced down and hurried off.
See also: down, glance

glance off (someone or something)

to bounce off someone or something. The bullet glanced off the huge boulder. The baseball glanced off of Tom and left a bruise on his side where it had touched.
See also: glance, off

glance over someone or something

to examine someone or something very quickly. I only glanced over the papers. They look okay to me. The doctor glanced over the injured woman and called for an ambulance.
See also: glance, over

glance through something

to look quickly at the contents of something. I glanced through the manuscript, and I don't think it is ready yet. Would you glance through this report when you have a moment?
See also: glance, through

know at a glance that...

to know [something] without much evidence; to know or understand something without a lot of observation. I knew at a glance that Bobbie was severely injured and had to be gotten to a hospital as soon as possible.
See also: glance, know, that

steal a glance at someone or something

Fig. to sneak a peek at someone or something. He stole a glance at his brother, who appeared to be as frightened as he was. Karen stole a glance at her watch and yawned.
See also: glance, steal

throw a glance at someone or something

to take a quick peek at someone or something. Liz threw a glance at her brother to see what he was going to do. I threw a glance at my watch and got ready to go.
See also: glance, throw

at first blush

Also, at first glance or sight . When first seen. For example, At first blush we thought it was an elegant restaurant, but it soon became obvious that it was hardly the place for a special dinner , or At first glance the contract looked just fine. All three phrases date from the 1300s. The noun blush is used with the obsolete meaning "glimpse" or "momentary view" and in this idiom has nothing to do with showing embarrassment. Also see love at first sight.
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at first glance

COMMON You say at first glance when you are describing your first opinion of someone or something, especially when this opinion is wrong or incomplete. At first glance, the room looked tidy and ordered. He had a round face that, at first glance, made him look boyish, though closer inspection revealed a man in early middle age. Compare with at first sight.
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at first ˈglance/ˈsight

as things seem at first; judging by first appearances: At first glance, the exam paper looked fairly difficult, but once I got started I found it quite easy.
See also: first, glance, sight

at a (single) ˈglance

immediately; with only a quick look: He could tell at a glance what was wrong.
See also: glance

steal a ˈglance/ˈlook (at somebody/something)

(written) look quickly at somebody/something, so that nobody notices you looking: He stole a glance at her out of the corner of his eye.
See also: glance, look, steal

glance over

To take a brief look at something: I picked up the book and glanced it over, but it didn't look very interesting. We glanced over the paperwork before buying the car.
See also: glance, over

at first glance

On initial consideration: At first glance the plan seemed unworkable.
See also: first, glance
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