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glamour girl

A physically attractive woman who is overly concerned with her appearance. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Robert is never seen in public without some glamour girl on his arm.
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glamor puss

A physically attractive woman who is overly concerned with her appearance. Primarily heard in US, Australia. I never was much of a glamor puss in high school. I always preferred wearing jeans and sneakers instead of dresses and high heels.
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glamour puss

n. a person with a beautiful face. I’m no glamour puss, but I’m no dog either.
See also: glamour, puss
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We've asked Huh, McClendon and Massachusetts-based interior designer Kristina Crestin for tips on ramping up a room's glamour with a careful and delicate touch.
The crystal ball also reveals that glamour is not just about rooms, or interiors.
On the other hand, Former Glamour s advertisement director, Grace Wasyluk will assume her new role of associate publisher at Glamour effective 7 July.
But there is much more to glamour than either "addicts" or critics imagine.
And Gaga then took aim at the image of her Glamour magazine editors chose to use on the cover, adding: "Malala used her voice, so I'm going to use mine.
The HTC One has been extremely well-received in the UAE to date, and we have high expectations for the reception the Glamour Red option will enjoy.
com/mobile-phones/spice-stellar-glamour-mi-436-1007991) Stellar Glamour Mi-436 and (http://www.
Black and White Female Glamour Images from Nudes to Fashion
com)-- Glamour Shots[R], a leader in professional portraits for women, children, families, and high school seniors, wants you to have the best experience possible at your photo shoot.
ERIC WILSON NYT SYNDICATE POSTED along a wall of Cindi Leive's office at the Conde Nast building are a dozen recent covers of Glamour, the magazine she has edited for the past decade, all of them showing a celebrity pinned against a flat white background.
22 March 2012 a[euro]" US luxury goods retailer Neiman Marcus Group Inc is moving to further its global ambitions with its first investment in China, picking as partner flash sales website operator Glamour Sales Holding (HK).
Glamour in Six Dimensions: Modernism and the Radiance of Form.
RIMLESS EYEWEAR manufacturer, Silhouette, has launched a limited edition Crystal Glamour eyewear model which will be available in time for Christmas but only by special request and for a short time only.
WORLD-RENOWNED PERFUME BOTTLE designer Marc Rosen's recently released Glamour Icons pays an almost lyrical tribute, a love story of sorts, to the fragrance industry and its creative and luxurious packaging to which he has devoted much of his life.
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