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The loopy matriarch of the tribe, 86-year-old Granny Catchprice, had wanted a flower garden but she married glad-hander Cacka and they started a chicken farm instead, and then a G.
Now he has to make sure he stresses the point about "entrepreneurial flair and good ideas" and is allowed to become more than just a hundred-grand-a-year glad-hander.
He's also a guy that means very well, sort of a glad-hander who wants everyone to be happy,'' says Dafoe, speaking by phone from Seattle, where he is appearing in the Wooster Group's stage performance of ``To You, the Birdie
I respect people who shrug off the pressure and who don't get caught up in themselves when they get a lot of attention,'' said McNown, who never met a glad-hander he didn't eye warily.
No glad-hander at casinos or baby-kissing on the campaign trail.
Pink writes, "To the smart set, sales is an endeavor that requires little intellectual throw weight--a task for slick glad-handers who skate through life on a shoeshine and a smile"--and deception, of course.
And as the former Blues midfielder issued a rallying cry to target the top four, starting today against Stoke, Di Matteo conceded he was not one of football's glad-handers.
Maybe you're thinking today that it's time to reassess, and to glad-hand the glad-handers, no matter where they're from.
Contacts embedded deep within the drinking dens of the Foreign Office tell me that Tel's shadowy government glad-handers had been frantically but unsuccessfully trying to get a whiff of the way the ill-scented Whitehall wind was blowing on the repulsive Mugabe in order to re-calibrate the ol' moral compass.
Tagg is often portrayed as a curmudgeon by Stateside hacks more used to glad-handers, and he seems to relish playing up to the preconceptions.
The new breed, however, is somewhat of a hybrid between the purely fact-based decision proponents and the old-school glad-handers.
Some of its local glad-handers took me for a three-hour tour of an Easter egg factory, and let me assure you that was exactly as stimulating as it sounds.
Truly dexterous glad-handers attempt the double-shake, as witnessed by Joe Roth's two-hander at last week's "13 Going on 30" preem.
Unfortunately, as soon as we found ourselves ensconced in the VVVIP area, things turned chillier as she was swamped with glad-handers.
The rules and taxes heaped upon them by the union glad-handers on the City Council are too daunting to operate under.