glad to meet you

(I'm) (very) glad to meet you

A phrase used when one meets someone for the first time. Very glad to meet you—I'm Ted. A: "This is my cousin, John." B: "Glad to meet you." I'm very glad to meet you. Is this your first time here?
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(I'm) (very) glad to meet you.

a polite expression said to a person to whom one has just been introduced. (See also (I'm) pleased to meet you.) Mary: I'd like you to meet my brother, Tom. Bill: I'm very glad to meet you, Tom. Jane: Hi! I'm Jane. Bob: Glad to meet you. I'm Bob.
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References in classic literature ?
The every-day young man is "so awful glad to meet you, old fellow," for he does "feel so jolly miserable this evening." As for myself, I generally say that "I have a strange, unsettled feeling to-night" and "think I'll go out."
"I am very glad to meet you here, Count," he said aloud, regardless of the presence of strangers and in a particularly resolute and solemn tone.
Coulson, I may say that I am very glad to meet you. I am very glad, also, of this opportunity for a few minutes' conversation upon another matter."
'Ho, Miss Linton!' cried a deep voice (the rider's), 'I'm glad to meet you. Don't be in haste to enter, for I have an explanation to ask and obtain.'
I suppose this is your grand- nephew--I am glad to meet you, Mr.
"Very glad to meet you again," said Alexey Alexandrovitch coldly, shaking hands with Levin.
"Don't hurry," called one of the dragonettes; "mother will be glad to meet you, I'm sure."
"Glad to meet you, Prince," he said, good humouredly.
"I am so glad to meet you;" said Miss Steele, taking her familiarly by the arm--"for I wanted to see you of all things in the world." And then lowering her voice, "I suppose Mrs.
"Glad to meet you, Graham Womble," he said in conventional tones, as though acknowledging an introduction.
You see, I really am glad to meet you. I have been - er - curious to know what Theresa found in you - where, I may say, the attraction lay.
'I am glad to meet you, the future generation of specialists,' Dimash Dosanov said in a conversation with interns.
"I am really to glad to meet you all here," the premier said.
In his speech, HH Sheikh Sabah said "I respect you, but I ask God Almighty to guide you to the pursuit of good deeds as Kuwait is your precious homeland, and if you offend your country, you offend yourself." "We are glad to meet you as we wish the circumstances were better.