glad to hear it

(I'm) (so) glad to hear it/that

A phrase used when one is pleased by what someone else has just said. A: "We had a great time at your party last weekend." B: "Oh, I'm so glad to hear that!" You're feeling better? Oh great, glad to hear it. A: "Great news—the board approved your proposal!" B: "Really? Oh, I'm so glad to hear it!"
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(I'm) glad to hear it.

a phrase expressing pleasure at what the speaker has just said. Sally: We have a new car, finally. Mary: I'm glad to hear it. Tom: Is your sister feeling better? Bill: Oh, yes, thanks. Tom: Glad to hear it.
See also: glad, hear, to
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"It will be done." Bob Hardy, 90, of Edgerton, said: "I'm glad to hear it's being fixed.
be "I'm glad to hear it's not a scam by the wardens but really they should make it clearer to customers as they go through."
And you'll be glad to hear it's happy endings all round tonight.
And you'll be glad to hear it's happy endings all round, with no bad news in sight.
People are glad to hear it's still available, and it's surprising how much of the chicken and ribs we're selling," Rogers said.
I'm glad to hear it's your daughter who actually suggested that she take up taekwondo.
I'm glad to hear it's not very much financially, but Ascot put us in the premier league.
Sarah Mulcahy Poor lad, glad to hear it's nothing too serious!