glad hand

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the glad hand

The act of addressing one in a friendly manner, often when it is feigned or false. I don't think she actually likes me, so she must have given me the glad hand when she seemed so happy to see me.
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*glad hand

Fig. an overly friendly welcome; a symbol of insincere attention. (*Typically: get ~; give someone ∼.) Whenever I go into that store, I get the glad hand. I hate to go to a party and get the glad hand.
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glad hand

A warm and hearty but often insincere welcome or greeting, as in Politicians are apt to give the glad hand to one and all. [Slang; late 1800s]
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A new glad hand lock that prevents a trailer from being connected to a tractor has been added to the War Lok family of products from Gabriel Technologies of Omaha, Nebraska.
In fact, the mission statement of the Economic Development Corporation of Utah speaks volumes about the public/private sector economic development, but totally absent are words like schmooze, party, entertain, junket, glad hand, back slap, or golf.
But most important have been the personal touches--like giving his colleagues money and campaign help, a skillful combination of the glad hand and the greenback.
The device includes a glad hand lock, control panel and internal and external traffic lights for visual communication.
The device includes a glad hand lock, control panel, and internal and external traffic lights for visual communication.
CHATTY J Kate at Whitton Country Park GORGEOUS Smiling Kate captivates the wedding well-wishers HIGH POINT J Couple in Darwen LAUGHS J She's given red roses GLAD HAND Waving to crowd yesterday