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Hopefully I will never have another weekend like this, but I am glad there was some joy at the end of it.
Glad now knows that from March of 2005, and thereafter for nearly three years, the BAR resorted to a "gotcha" enforcement technique designed to deceive auto mechanics.
I'm glad they sent me here to be with (Plummer),'' Simon said.
We are focused on providing rich functionality to SAP customers and are glad to partner with Esker because they share that same goal.
Kevin Knestrick, who works for Oakland-based Disability Rights Advocates, said GLAD had not received a response from the airport to its complaints.
Springer, 40, previously served as vice president -- general manager of the company's Glad business unit.
So I'm glad to be able to capitalize on that again.
This is something I am sure glad I was able to see,'' said Tipton's older brother, Harold.
Despite hectic schedules and myriad social activities, today's bakers can still enjoy the warmth and traditions of holiday baking, thanks to helpful tips and tools from Gold Medal flour and the makers of GLAD Press'n Seal wrap.
read the eighth paragraph, second sentence xxx "The timing of the launch ties in strongly with National Fire Prevention Month in October and we're glad to be able to support the Florida Hurricane Relief Fund through sales of Firefighter Brand Products.
Now they're glad they put up with all the snickering and unkind remarks.
First-quarter earnings-per-diluted-share expectations include a 9-cent estimate for restructuring charges related to the company's Glad U.
Thomas, 17, is glad others saw more of her potential than she did, otherwise she likely wouldn't have played beyond her freshman year.
The TAB-10 (truck air brake lock) and the TGH-10 (trailer glad hand lock) prevent cargo tampering, theft and terrorism threats on trucks and trailers.