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glad rags

Fancy attire. This isn't a formal event, so there's no need for your glad rags.
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the glad hand

The act of addressing one in a friendly manner, often when it is feigned or false. I don't think she actually likes me, so she must have given me the glad hand when she seemed so happy to see me.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. After a few beers she was a mite glad.
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He also wanted the church to leave the plot and hand over completion documents to his company within seven days.TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIPMr Nderitu urged the court to order the registrar of lands to remove any restriction of the property, cancel the certificate that was still in the name of Glad Tidings Crusade, dispense with the gazettement of the cancelled deed and issue or re-issue another certificate of title to his company.
When it's time to put away the leftovers, both raw and cooked, Glad has you covered with its range of cling wrap, storage bags, and GladWare reusable containers that are BPA-free, recyclable and safe to use in the microwave oven.
" "I like using Glad Freezer Bags because the food doesn't get freezer burn," Happy says.
To examine the effects of substrate rotation speed and deposition rate on the surface morphology and WCA, Si[O.sub.2] nanostructures were fabricated using a GLAD technique under the following conditions: substrate rotation from 0.2 to 20 rpm, deposition rates of 5 and 10 [Angstrom]/s, a fixed thickness of 500 nm, and a fixed oblique angle of 82[degrees].
So glad she has managed herself from that situation."
I'm glad you remembered John Paul II and his visit to Georgia, and I'm also glad that you emphasized the friendly and fraternal relations between our churches.
Jane Whitmore How terrible for the children, hope all r ok x Julie Ann I am so glad no one is hurt.
According to Sport24, the India-Pakistan match will begin the Super 10 stage of the fifth World T20 although Dhoni is glad that the game would begin without the 'hysteria' of the past, during when such a clash always caught the imagination of people from either side.
The students said they are proud and glad to meet Shaikh Abdullah and vowed to achieve educational excellence and obtain highest scientific degrees to contribute to the progress of the UAE.
Glad mentions the human tendency to propagate political ideologies by creating myths.
"I'm glad we took the time to get to know each other because now we've established a relationship that's built on trust and a mutual goal for the future," Taylor said.
Provider of automotive services Midas Inc (NYSE:MDS) acquired 22 of its automotive service shops from franchisee Maurice I Glad in Northern California this weekend for approximately USD5.8m, without any interruption in services for consumers, the company revealed on Monday.
Joyce and Jim Lavene fall into that category, producing the Sharyn Howard mysteries; the Peggy Lee Garden mysteries; and their latest, the Glad and Ruby Wycznewski mysteries.
Synopsis: The majority of Americans (61%) say President Obama did not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, but as many Americans say they are "glad" he received it (46%) as say they are not glad (47%).
SEXY Big Brother star Noirin Kelly's mum is GLAD her daughter has been booted out of the BB house - because it means she gets her back home sooner .