give voice to (something)

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give voice to (something)

To share one's thoughts or feelings. When we left the office, Sally gave voice to her fear that promotions are unfairly awarded out in our department.
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give voice to something

Fig. to express a feeling or an opinion in words; to speak out about something. The bird gave voice to its joy in the golden sunshine. The protestors gave voice to their anger at Congress.
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give voice to

Say or express, especially an opinion or feeling. For example, The faculty gave voice to their anger over the dean's tenure decisions. This term once meant "to vote." Its present sense dates from the mid-1800s.
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give ˈvoice to something

express your feelings, worries, etc: The speaker stopped, allowing the crowd time to give voice to their frustration and feelings.
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References in classic literature ?
For fully twenty minutes the brute alternately sniffed and tore at the door, occasionally giving voice to a wild, savage cry of baffled rage.
Our guest editor, Mary Gentile, has been a thought leader in this area for more than a decade, having developed a methodology and curriculum titled Giving Voice to Values, to capture the overarching objective.
Announcing his ruling in the Senate, he said the Leader of the Opposition in Senate Raja Zaraf-ul-Haq had submitted the requisition notice, requesting that a Production Order be issued in respect of Senator Kamran Michael to attend proceeding of the House during the current session.The ruling said, 'Senate not only represents the federating units but also provides a platform for giving voice to all segments of the society.
Built around direct historical quotes from Joan's Trail of Condemnation and the Trial of Nullification held twenty-four years after her death, Voices: The Final Hours of Joan of Arc alternates between first-person poems from Joan's perspective and poems giving voice to other people, ideas, and objects.
(This serves as an inspiration for us to improve our services and to continue giving voice to our fellow Filipinos, especially those who are in the margins of society.)
With the words "Marches in the street/Drummers add a beat/Just wanting to be heard" and "Uncertainty is in the air/Looking at people who just don't care/Do they know or are they scared...If this world's unjust/Time is healed by love..." she captures this unique moment in America by speaking truth to power - giving voice to both the voiceless who cannot speak for themselves and her generation's desire to change the status quo.
In a series of tweets on Thursday morning, Modi termed free press as the"cornerstone of a vibrant democracy"and said that"the role of the media in giving voice to the voiceless is commendable".
The originally intended audience for Giving Voice to Values was management educators and business students, and its purpose was to transform management education's approach to values-driven leadership development.
They cover voice-over from film studies to translation studies, typology and working conditions and the translation process in voice-over for post-production, voice-over for production, training in voice-over, and a global survey giving voice to practitioners and academics.
Steve, Richard and the actors giving voice to the interviewees all stressed before the show opened that the title alludes to the fact that the prize is not the same for everyone, although obviously no one would say no to gold.
Each artist hopes to spread a message of healing painful divides and fostering worldwide cultural exchange and giving voice to the people.
Gentile set out to tackle the "ethics in business" conundrum in Giving Voice to Values.
Documenting the perspectives of LIS international doctoral students provides a critical outlook by giving voice to an under-represented group.
Durham Cathedral is Holding Giving Voice to the Church: A Celebration of Preaching at 5.15pm on Saturday.
Samuel's back-story is fictional but believable, giving voice to the details of the ocean crossing, the class struggles in the colony and the first hard years of the Virginia Company colony.