give (one) the silent treatment

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give (one) the silent treatment

To ignore or deliberately avoid talking to one due to being angry at them. Well, I must have done something wrong because he's been giving me the silent treatment all week.
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give someone the silent treatment

If you give someone the silent treatment, you do not speak to them for a period of time because you are annoyed with them. He fully expected his mother to give him the silent treatment.
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give somebody/get the ˈsilent treatment

refuse to talk to somebody, usually because you are angry with them; be treated in this way: Are you going to talk to me now, or are you still giving me the silent treatment?
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Police say the victim is believed to have been dropped off at hospital in a car about 15 minutes after he was shot in Wirral but he is giving them the silent treatment.
Giving them the silent treatment is not the way to go about things.
* Tell someone why you're angry instead of giving them the silent treatment.
WHEN an adult holds a grudge and attempts to punish another person by giving them the silent treatment, they're acting in a very childish fashion.
His normally happy demeanour has been replaced by an extended huff and he will not talk to the Press at the moment, but will offer no reasons for giving them the silent treatment.
British fans had been giving them the silent treatment, but at the same time respecting their ability.
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