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The Hole, albeit in a general way not over nice in its choice of company, was rather shy in reference to the honour of cultivating the Rogue's acquaintance; more frequently giving him the cold shoulder than the warm hand, and seldom or never drinking with him unless at his own expense.
KIERAN TRIPPIER admitted he needed a "new challenge" after accusing Tottenham of giving him the cold shoulder.
Or will she be giving him the cold shoulder at the altar?
The wheelchair-bound hound is finding that his own road to recovery is bringing out a latent competitive side to his personality, and besides - he feels his relationship with Ryan is becoming too one-sided these days, and by giving him the cold shoulder, he's hoping to set things right with his human pal.
On Wednesday, Yogendra Sao, a Jharkhand MLA from Barkagaon, slapped a senior official of the National Thermal Power Corporation ( NTPC) during a public function for apparently giving him the cold shoulder. NTPC had organised a programme in Keredari to inaugurate its site office and had invited deputy commissioner Vinay Kumar Choubey.
He would be forgiven if he preferred to remain in exile in the US instead of returning to a Britain giving him the cold shoulder.
Brian has been feeling the strain at home with Jennifer going her own way and Debbie giving him the cold shoulder.
The pounds 32.5m Brazilian star has been FROZEN OUT recently by City fans but there was no way Richards was giving him the COLD SHOULDER. But it looks as though Robinho will be kept on ICE tonight against Blackburn with Carlos Tevez and Craig Bellamy favoured to start up front against Rovers.
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