give (one) a dirty look

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give (one) a dirty look

To look at one in an angry, contemptuous, or disapproving manner. Also seen as "give (one) dirty looks." I started telling him about Janet's run-in with the law, but when she gave me a dirty look, I shut my trap. I must have done something really offensive last night because Mike keeps giving me dirty looks.
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dirty look, give a

Scowl at someone, look disapproving. For example, When I started to tell the story, Carol gave me a really dirty look. This expression has largely replaced the earlier and more formal black look. [Colloquial; 1920s]
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give somebody/get a dirty ˈlook

(informal) look at somebody/be looked at in an angry or a disapproving way: She gave me a dirty look when I suggested that she should go and wash the dishes.
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Adele Colby is mum to Vinny, who is autistic and has cerebral palsy, and admitted that she is used to people giving her dirty looks and nasty comments because he can be "excitable, opinionated and loud".
"She accused the victims of giving her dirty looks and forced one to get on her knees to apologise.
EVEN in her new incarnation as Suzanne Shaw, Edna's niece Eve can't shake off the bad-girl history, which may be why Katie has been giving her dirty looks...
TASTY TRIO: Dhruv, Tim and Alex prepare for the final WORRY: Rachel deals with a parent GLORIOUS FOOD: Alys Fowler HISTORY:Eve Birch confronts Katie Sugden for giving her dirty looks BUYING: Kathryn and Mark
TASTY TRIO Dhruv, Tim and Alex prepare for the final BUYING Kathryn and Mark WORRY Rachel deals with a parent GLORIOUS FOOD Alys Fowler MURKY PAST Eve (left) confronts Katie for giving her dirty looks
Jenny Russell, prosecuting, said the 16-year-old felt one of the schoolgirls had been giving her dirty looks and she and Lawley then attacked the girl whose head was banged against a shop front.
Kelly-Marie, having been dumped by Callum for Eileen, gives her a dose of the verbals while Eileen is convinced everyone else is giving her dirty looks.
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