give voice to (something)

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give voice to (something)

To share one's thoughts or feelings. When we left the office, Sally gave voice to her fear that promotions are unfairly awarded out in our department.
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give voice to something

Fig. to express a feeling or an opinion in words; to speak out about something. The bird gave voice to its joy in the golden sunshine. The protestors gave voice to their anger at Congress.
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give voice to

Say or express, especially an opinion or feeling. For example, The faculty gave voice to their anger over the dean's tenure decisions. This term once meant "to vote." Its present sense dates from the mid-1800s.
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give ˈvoice to something

express your feelings, worries, etc: The speaker stopped, allowing the crowd time to give voice to their frustration and feelings.
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References in classic literature ?
At times, however, Kipling too gives voice to religious feelings, of a simple sort, in an impressive fashion, as in 'McAndrews' Hymn,' 'The Recessional,' and 'When earth's last picture is painted.' His sweeping rhythms and his grandiose forms of expression, suggestive of the vast spaces of ocean and plain and of inter-stellar space with which he delights to deal, have been very widely copied by minor verse-writers.
Between speed and cost, 'we should pick the option that ensures there will be focus and gives voice to the people,' she added.
It gives voice to a disenfranchised segment of our population in a way that will communicate clearly and effectively in the classroom: a niche market to be sure, but an important one.
Heather Joseph, executive director of the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, commented, "The public recognizes its stake in open sharing of resources, and the Harris data gives voice to their stand." Senators John Cornyn (R-Texas) and Joseph Lieberman (D-Connecticut) recently introduced the Federal Research Public Access Act of 2006, which would require federal agencies that fund over $100 million in external research per year to make their study results publicly available online.
Or, the Muslim woman, a Bosnian war victim (Volf is Croatian-American)--who gives voice to her violated, shattered self on the impossibility of forgiving her enemies.
Educators, religious leaders, social workers and parents in urban America know the conditions he writes about and are moved by the ways in which he gives voice to otherwise invisible young people.
This inter-disciplinary compilation from pioneering feminist and historian Rosemary Radford Ruether gives voice to women scholars of the traditionally marginalized--the "Other Side" of the title.
Throughout, the author gives voice to those directly involved in the dispute by relying on a rich variety of sources including the local and national records of OCAW, those of the international union representing BASF's German workers (I.G.
Its value is that it puts a human face on a way of life and gives voice to the many thousands of workers whose lives paralleled his.
But, in its own popularizing way, it also gives voice to a growing feminist critique of a patriarchal church and secrets it keeps about the goodness and godliness of women.
They said that broadcasting scenes of wounded civilians and interviewing Arabs about American policy gives voice to people U.S.
Some are enraged by the noise, as is Allan Ulrich in Dance Magazine's new feature, which gives voice to "Rants and Raves." And Verbier, a well-established music festival in an idyllic Swiss Alpine setting, is motivated to establish a model partnership, saying, "Move over music, make room for dance too."
But in the aftermath of September 11, Klein gives voice to another regret: that this immense talent--this "natural"--"had the misfortune to serve at a time when greatness wasn't required." It's as if Michael Jordan was stuck playing in the CBA.
Derricotte gives voice to the excruciating pain and agony of natural birth--"natural" as opposed to the blissful sleep or reduction of pain during the birth process that is induced by anesthesia.