give pause to (one)

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give pause to (one)

To cause one to take a moment to consider something. I'd love to buy a house, but the fact that I'd have to completely deplete my savings account to do it gives pause to me.
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give pause to someone (or give someone pause (for thought)

cause someone to think carefully or hesitate before doing something.
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give pause to, to

To stop temporarily; to hesitate; to hold back in order to reflect. This term, too, comes from Shakespeare, from Hamlet’s famous soliloquy on death (3.1), “For in that sleep of death what dreams may come . . . must give us pause.” Eric Partridge said it has been a cliché since the mid-nineteenth century.
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That Daniken writes and theorizes compellingly gives pause to even the most rigid of skeptics, and the more than 150 color photographs only enhance the dreamy experience of letting one's imagination go along for the ride.
These authors have written a masterful work that gives pause to much of what the football "public" believes is an acceptable part of the game.
An environment of overregulation and uncertainty makes it difficult or unprofitable for companies to invest in new workers, and gives pause to would-be entrepreneurs looking to start businesses.
That shipbuilding is a high-tech industrial marvel, whereas ship breaking today is a low-tech operation conducted on the beaches of the "poor world" and gives pause to reconsider notions of technological time and technological "progress."
The fact that the West is represented in greater proportions by Protestant and evangelical Christians gives pause to consider once again the necessity of work being done in the Catholic camp to become a counter-culture in the political realm.
While the number is not large, it certainly gives pause to many doctors and their patients who wonder if the risk is worth it.
It gives pause to consider how Bugge van Ring, who owned a total of 237 paintings, could have fit several bookcases and sixty-four paintings into a room measuring twenty-six by seventeen feet.
This book gives pause to those who would establish clear and unchanging rules for what "good art ought to be." Simply put, "outsider art" has influenced "insider art." Each art form stems from a particular culture--ideas and values of the artist; each art form helps to inform us of these cultures--and, in the long run, it is this kind of experience that helps inform us about ourselves.
It gives pause to those of us with such operations in our hospitals.
But it deserves to be marked because it gives pause to reflect, something that rarely happens during the hectic merry-go-round of this sport - whether you're producing papers like us or working/punting at a track or in a betting shop.
Such uncertainty gives pause to the most stout-hearted banker.