give (one) pause for thought

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give (one) pause for thought

To cause one to take a moment to consider something. I'd love to buy a house, but the fact that I'd have to completely deplete my savings account to do it gives me pause for thought.
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give (somebody) pause for ˈthought


give (somebody) ˈpause

(formal) make somebody think seriously about something or hesitate before doing something: His remarks on the conditions in our prisons gave me pause for thought. Until that moment I’d never realized things were so bad.
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I hope that pleases my caller and gives pause for thought to those who would dare contemplate closing our libraries.
However, a report just published by the Irish authorities in charge of investigating the plane crash in Cork in February 2011 (resulting in six deaths) gives pause for thought. It is a "much needed wake-up call," stresses Nico Voorbach, president of the European Cockpit Association (ECA), which represents air pilots in Europe.
Even so, The Killers as a possible cheerleading houseband for a Republican presidential hopeful gives pause for thought.
A visit to the village and the area is a lesson in human ingenuity and gives pause for thought. The buildings are what they are for a reason, perhaps not immediately obvious.
This gives pause for thought. This chapter is a particularly compelling presentation of how power is manipulated through space and time and cemented through the establishment of both formal and informal social institutions.
The fact that radical surgery to combat obesity ( what the man in the street would understand as stomach stapling ( is to be made widely available on the NHS in the region gives pause for thought.