give (one) (one's) walking papers

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give (one) (one's) walking papers

To dismiss one from employment; to order one to leave or move on from a place. After messing up that account, I'm terrified that my boss is going to give me my walking papers. Bill had been living in his parents' house for nearly a year without working when they finally gave him his walking papers out of there.
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give someone their walking papers

If you give someone their walking papers, you tell them to leave. Barker was called in and given his walking papers during a short meeting yesterday. After returning home to Toronto for Thanksgiving, he gave his high-school girlfriend her walking papers. Note: You can also say that someone gets their walking papers. It was Vogel's turn to get his walking papers from the board of directors. Note: The usual British expression is give someone their marching orders. Note: This comes from the instructions given to infantry soldiers (= soldiers who march on foot) about the length and destination of a march.
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give somebody their ˈwalking papers


get your ˈwalking papers

(American English, informal) dismiss somebody from their job; be dismissed: The coach has been given his walking papers after the team lost again on Saturday.
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