give (one) pause for thought

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give (one) pause for thought

To cause one to take a moment to consider something. I'd love to buy a house, but the fact that I'd have to completely deplete my savings account to do it gives me pause for thought.
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give (somebody) pause for ˈthought


give (somebody) ˈpause

(formal) make somebody think seriously about something or hesitate before doing something: His remarks on the conditions in our prisons gave me pause for thought. Until that moment I’d never realized things were so bad.
See also: for, give, pause, thought
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The steady stream of people in need gives him pause for thought, while his girlfriend Eiko (Fan Hsiao-fan) remains more cynically indifferent.
Frankie also calls for a clampdown on immigration - although the vicar of his old patch, the Rev Paul Hulme, gives him pause for thought with his "open-door" attitude.
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