give (one) (one's) head

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give (one) (one's) head

To allow one to do what one wants; to grant one more or total freedom. Can you believe the boss gave me my head on this project? Finally, I can present a campaign with my own vision! I'm giving you your head on this project, I hope to see some real innovation.
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give someone their head

COMMON If you give someone their head, you allow them to do what they want to do, without trying to advise them or stop them. He was a good boss who recognised ability and gave people their heads. Note: This expression is from horse riding and refers to when the rider loosens the reins, allowing the horse to move more freely.
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give (someone) head

perform oral sex on someone. vulgar slang
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give someone their head

allow someone complete freedom of action.
The image is of allowing a horse to go as fast as it wants rather than checking its pace with the bit and reins. Compare with allow free rein to (at rein).
1994 Charles Grant X-Files: Goblins Rather than try to derail him, however, it was better to give him his head and go along for the ride.
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give somebody their ˈhead

give somebody the freedom to do what they want: We must give the new art teacher her head, so that she has the freedom to do things differently. OPPOSITE: tie somebody’s handsThis idiom refers to allowing a horse to go as fast as it likes when you are riding it.
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give head

tv. to perform oral sex on someone, usually a male. (Usually objectionable.) Does she give head?
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give someone his/her head, to

Allow someone to achieve an end in his or her own way. The term comes from horseback riding, where since the sixteenth century a horse has been said to be given its head when the rider loosens the reins and lets it go where it will. It had been transferred to human beings by about 1700, as it was in Richard Steele’s play The Tender Husband (1703, 1.1): “What a fool I have been to give him his head so long.”
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