give (one) a run for (one's) money

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give (one) a run for (one's) money

To challenge one's ability, fortitude, or patience. Don't underestimate our opponents today—I think they'll give us a run for our money. Having an infant and a toddler sure is giving me a run for my money.
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give someone a run for their money

COMMON If you give a very skilful person or team a run for their money in a competition, you compete as well as them, or almost as well. The British team gave the host side a run for its money to finish a close second in the team competition. We think the Irish will give the Welsh a good run for their money.
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give someone or something a (good) run for their money

provide someone or something with challenging competition or opposition.
1997 Rugby World Beaten Welsh Cup finalists Swansea gave them a good run for their money for much of the campaign before fading away.
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run for one's money, (give) a

A close contest or strong challenge; to give a good return for one’s expense. This term may come from the racetrack, where it is used to describe deriving pleasurable excitement from a horse race even if one does not win all one’s bets. The term appeared in a dictionary of slang in 1874 and has been used ever since. “They have had what is called in some circles a good run for their money,” reported the Pall Mall Gazette in 1889.
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