given to doing

given to (something)

Inclined or likely to do something or behave a certain way. Don't worry, she's always been given to overreacting. The comedian is given to making lots of posts on social media. He's given to hyperbole, so don't get too excited.
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given to doing something

likely to do something; inclined to do something habitually. Mary is given to singing in the shower. Bob is given to shouting when things don't go his way.
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"According to our partners, the temporary closure of Oystermouth Road for this year's event worked well by creating more space for the record crowd, so consideration will be given to doing the same thing next summer as part of an Airshow review we're now carrying out.
Consideration was given to doing that following the withdrawal of the 59 service, but we could not justify that support, given that the whole of the route is already covered by other services, both commercial and supported.
And while Martha may seem normal on the outside, she's clearly a damaged individual, awkward in conversation and given to doing things like curling up in Lucy and Ted's bed -- while they're having sex.
And consideration should be given to doing more to make snow and ice-bound pavements and footpaths safe for people to use during a big freeze.
A bit later, she drives her ex nuts by going out with one of Adam's favorite actors, the shallow but good-looking video action star Joey Santino (Josh Hopkins), who's given to doing bad Robert De Niro imitations and who can't comprehend Kate's tendency to go into self-pitying funks while watching Murnau's "Nosferatu." With Kate obviously unsatisfied by any of the bland guys she meets, and Adam increasingly obsessed with what Kate might be doing at any given moment, the happy ending comes as little surprise.
Some considerable weight should be given to doing something about that.