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a dead giveaway

A clue, detail, action, etc. that obviously reveals something else. Your shoes are totally sticking out of the blankets! That's a dead giveaway that you're planning on sneaking out as soon as mom says good night to us. The homemade card was a dead giveaway that they had forgotten to buy us a gift.
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dead giveaway

something that reveals a fact or an intention completely. The car in the driveway was a dead giveaway that someone was at home.
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n. something that reveals a fact that was meant to be concealed. (Often with dead.) The way he was walking was a giveaway to the fact that he was the one who was injured.
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Until Monday, December 3, local charities, schools, clubs and nonprofit organisations will have the opportunity to apply for a share of the Newcastle PS10K Giveaway.
The giveaway according to Harrysong, is another way of appreciating his fans for their unflinching support over the years, especially those that stood by him during the troubled times he endured.
Giveaways include: Jurassic Park blindbag, LEGO Baby Velociraptor Playpen and activity packs.
Our dedicated staff will be more than happy to enter your details in the giveaway or contest of your choice!--MOTHER
"There was already an increase in the demand for our coffee while our giveaway was still running, but we've noticed an even more significant spike especially after the contest ended," says a brand representative.
Thanks to the involvement of Corpus Christi institutions like CITGO, we were able to help more than 1,000 local students through this years giveaway, making this our most successful event yet.
Pick up yours in Castle's Bingo Bag For Life giveaway at your local club on selected dates this Christmas.
To apply, complete the Goalden Giveaway application form on by Friday.
Arnold Clark managing director Eddie Hawthorne said: "We're always looking for new ways to do something significant for our customers, and our 5 Day Giveaway affords us an excellent opportunity to achieve just that.
A CHARITY is planning a big bike giveaway in the run-up to the Tour de t Yorkshire.
Here's a rundown of the Galaxy S4 giveaways that are currently taking place.
To attract women to the Armed and In Charge page and really get the discussions going, LaserMax created the Purse-onal Protection Package Giveaway. The company put together a series of three women's personal protection packages.
Mitt Romney (R) blocked state regulations to end formula giveaways. Giveaway bag opponents, including Public Citizen, maintain that they serve to discourage breast-feeding.
Giveaways are often a good low-cost tool for small businesses on a tight budget.
Travel Business Review-April 2, 2012--Barona Resort and Casino Announces Weekly Giveaways in April 2012(C)2012] ENPublishing -