give (one) pause for thought

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give (one) pause for thought

To cause one to take a moment to consider something. I'd love to buy a house, but the fact that I'd have to completely deplete my savings account to do it gives me pause for thought.
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give (somebody) pause for ˈthought


give (somebody) ˈpause

(formal) make somebody think seriously about something or hesitate before doing something: His remarks on the conditions in our prisons gave me pause for thought. Until that moment I’d never realized things were so bad.
See also: for, give, pause, thought
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WHEN you find yourself typing the words "excellent article from Iain Duncan Smith", surely that act in itself should be enough to give you pause for thought.
Giving an organ is an enormous commitment and, if you're an employee, the time needed off work may give you pause for thought.
And with gun crime rivalling knife crime these days, doesn't that give you pause for thought?
The letter said: "A meeting might give you pause for thought and to reconsider.
If you're a male reader, that should give you pause for thought. Are women inherently more capable of juggling numerous complex tasks, as Julie Schlueter, general manger of a Minnesota-based metal fabricator, suggests in our interview?
Ordering any dog to be consigned to the middle for the rest of the event does give you pause for thought, but in general it has to be said Wimbledon only gets involved after much internal debate.
It is good fun, however, throughout and there are are one or two moments which give you pause for thought.
(And considering where much of the money winds up may give you pause for thought about the wisdom of other federal programs that hand money over to the states without smart standards) West Virginia, for example, compensates injured turkey hunters.
Even so, watching men in their 70s perform hard physical graft in gale force winds and the freezing cold does give you pause for thought. "I would prefer to eat my own leg than do that on a regular basis," says Nick with feeling.