give (one) gyp

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give (one) gyp

To induce or cause physical pain in one. In this expression, "gyp" likely derives from the phrase "gee up" and is not related to "Gypsy." Primarily heard in UK. Ugh, my hip has been giving me gyp again in this damp, cold weather.
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give someone gyp

cause pain or severe discomfort to someone. British informal
Gyp may be a dialect contraction of gee-up , a word of command used to urge a horse to move faster, the connection being that, in this phrase, whatever is giving someone gyp is preventing them from resting or taking things easy.
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give somebody ˈgyp

(British English, informal) cause somebody a lot of pain: My back’s been giving me gyp again lately.
See also: give, gyp, somebody
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The appendix, as if you didn't know, is an organ in the stomach that serves no useful purpose whatsoever except, when it occasionally wakes up, to give you gyp.
If your joints give you gyp, then this week's meal makeover should be just the tonic that's needed.