give (someone) (one's) word

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give (someone) (one's) word

To make a serious promise, assurance, or vow (to someone). I give you my word that I will do everything in my power to have this matter resolved by next week. You gave your word that you'd be there, so don't even think about backing out now.
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give somebody your ˈword (that...)


have somebody’s ˈword (that...)

promise somebody/be promised (that...): I give you my word that I’ll pay you tomorrow.I’ve got his word that he’ll fix the car by the weekend.
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He, however, said that as the nation prepared for the forthcoming 2019 general elections, it was necessary to give word of caution on expected behaviour required of all political sides.
As bidding preparations will advance, the energy department can just give word at this point that it "will continue to ensure the smooth process of the PECR-5 to guarantee the successful bidding of the country's indigenous resources."
He's expected to give word after The Response, his prayer and fasting event at Houston's Reliant Stadium on Aug.
The move will give Word or Office users the ability to translate documents into a different language in real time.
Parliamentary Administration & Justice Commission Head MP Robert Ghanem to give word during the event
They'll battle for the Star Baker apron as presenters Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding give words of encouragement.
That was when he took up motivational speaking to give words of encouragement to students, workers, prisoners and anyone who cared to listen in the streets.
He is a super star but is very down to earth person and always smiling and ready to give words of wisdom.'
Phoenix stars as Theodore Twombly, a lonely, thoughtful man who works as a ghostwriter, helping to give words to those who don't know what to say.
"I and Koreans offer condolences to its victims with sympathy and give words of consolation to those with painful memories."
He added that he will try to give words to their dreams and added that he has been getting suggestions from every corner of the country for August 15.
They do nothing but give words at the time that wars ravage our world, crises shake our systems, poverty takes over our societies, and terrorism threatens our nation," he pointed out.
The fact that little ones were all set to go back to schools especially the ones from APS itself is commendable beyond words.They say songs give words to feelings like nothing else.
It is difficult to even give words to the pace of development the country has seen during this period, he said.
There are those who will not give words to a thought, in all silence and privacy, with a delete key at their fingertips, because they fear embarrassment....