give vent to something

give (full) vent to (something)

To passionately express one's negative emotion, such as anger, frustration, etc. Once we left the office, Sally gave vent to her anger about how promotions are unfairly awarded in our department. I work in customer service, so I'm used to people giving full vent to their frustration.
See also: give, vent

give (full) ˈvent to something

(informal) express a strong negative feeling freely and forcefully: I tried to stop myself giving full vent to my anger.
See also: give, something, vent
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6) Though by contrast, and again assuming that she did indeed draw herself, in the drawings she effaces an air of coquettish innocence, and it is only in the picture of her with a hand behind her head does the vampish makeup give vent to something else.