give (one) to understand

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give (one) to understand

To cause one to understand or believe something. Why should I worry? The boss has never given me to understand that she's displeased with my work.
See also: give, understand

give someone to understand something

to explain something to someone; to imply something to someone. (Possibly misleading someone, accidentally or intentionally. See also given to understand.) Mr. Smith gave Sally to understand that she should be home by midnight. The mayor gave the citizens to understand that there would be no tax increase. He didn't promise, though.
See also: give, understand

given to understand

[of someone] made to believe [something]. (See also give someone to understand.) They were given to understand that there would be no tax increase, but after the election taxes went up. She was given to understand that she had to be home by midnight.
See also: given, understand

give to understand

Lead one to think, as in I was given to understand that the President was coming here. [Mid-1500s]
See also: give, understand
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As this all too brief summary might give us to understand, what connects high modernist culture and popular or mass culture is the often uncomfortably intimate access given to the eye, or the "art of observing" (82).
Did you not give us to understand that Iran was an official enemy and that your immediate predecessor, Jimmy Carter, was too much of a pussycat when it.