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On hearing this the general sprang upon the gangway crying, "Now then, my sons, don't let her give us the slip! It must be some Algerine corsair brigantine that the watchtower signals to us." The three others immediately came alongside the chief galley to receive their orders.
Despite their diminutive brains, lovesick longbeards some how give us the slip time and again.
He jokily gave our mascot a hug during a walkabout in Tamworth, Staffs - after days of trying to give us the slip.
Every day WyCon Safari owner Wynn Condict and guide Dan Fox located shooter bucks for us, but one way or another the wily deer always seemed to give us the slip. Sure, we were getting some good video, which is what we were after, but at times it almost seemed like we were seeing too many deer.
'Excuse me, kiddies.' He tried to get to his feet, murmuring something about his important appointments, but to his horror Charlie and Harry started wailing and even the toddler on the young mother's lap joined in.'You can give us the slip when we all file out,' the mother whispered, 'only don't show them up.
He and his staff would work mightily to give us the slip, and then brag about it afterward.