give (one) the green light

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give (one) the green light

To grant someone permission to proceed with some action or task. Likened to the green light of a traffic signal. We're just waiting our manager to give us the green light before we release the latest software update.
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give someone/something the green light


give the green light to someone/something

COMMON If someone in authority gives someone or something the green light or gives the green light to someone or something, they allow someone to do something or something to happen. He has finally been given the green light to build five new houses on the land. Note: You can also say that someone gets the green light. I've got a bunch more songs, and if I can get the green light from my manager, I'd like to go straight back in and record some more. Note: People use a green light to mean permission from someone in authority. Is that a green light for interest-rate cuts?
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green light, get/give the

Permission to proceed. The term alludes to the green of traffic lights, signifying “go ahead,” which began to be used on railroads in the nineteenth century. Terence Rattigan in his play French without Tears (1937) wrote, “We had a bottle of wine and got pretty gay, and all the time she was giving me the old green light” (3.1).
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So this review needs to be shorter, sharper - and give us the green light to speed up!" Opponents of HS2 sometimes argue that the project should be scrapped and the money spent on transport services in the North of England instead.
So this review needs to be shorter, sharper and give us the green light to speed up."
"The channels could come back today if Tegna would allow it, and we can restore the channels immediately if they give us the green light," added LeCuyer.
The train will officially come into operation as soon as Saudi officials give us the green light," said Mariano De La Vega, project manager of Talgo.
Our lawyers won't give us the green light,' " Bernal said.
Tracy Parker, heart health dietitian at the British Heart Foundation, said: "While the findings of this review indicate a small or neutral association between butter consumption and increased cardiovascular risk, it does not give us the green light to start eating more butter.
"If we see a player we think is better than what we've got then I'm sure the chairman will give us the green light."
Libya: "The negotiations were successful yesterday and we are waiting for the NTC to give us the green light to go in," said Abdullah Kenshil who held talks with Bani Walid elders on Tuesday.
Cllr Rob Polhill, leader of Halton Borough Council and chair of the Mersey Gateway Executive Board, said: "The case for the Mersey Gateway to be given the go ahead remains as strong as ever and we are confident that after looking at the value for money this project delivers and the benefits it will bring to Halton and the wider region the government will give us the green light to proceed.
"We can't even consider him until New Zealand Cricket give us the green light and there is no indication that will be any time soon.
"I have to admit, Danny Carter and myself had doubts once the scale of the club's debts became apparent," said Shephard, "but the fans cleared each hurdle as they came and eventually were able to give us the green light to build a squad."
"Assuming they give us the green light, we'll go through the process of selecting someone to come in and build.
'The deal is more or less done with them and we simply need the IRB to give us the green light for another high-calibre autumn series for next year.'
"It got so bad that officers were screaming at their superiors to be allowed to use their baton rounds to push back the crowd but it's almost as though a certain number of us have to be hurt before they'll give us the green light. We feel like we're expendable.