give (one) the all-clear

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give (one) the all-clear

To signal or indicate to one that something has been resolved or that it is safe to proceed. After the police officer gave us the all-clear, we were able to continue down the road. Yeah, I had the flu, but I'll be back at work tomorrow—the doctor just gave me the all-clear.
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give (or get) the all-clear

indicate (or get a sign) that a dangerous situation is now safe.
In wartime a signal or siren is often sounded to indicate that a bombing raid is over.
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give somebody/get the all-ˈclear

give somebody/get a sign that a particular situation is no longer dangerous: She got the all-clear from the doctor and was sent home from the hospital.This idiom refers to the signal that is sounded in wartime when a bombing raid is over.
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"This came right out of the blue, but after discussing the matter with manager Rob Lyon at King's Lynn - who was sympathetic about the situation - and talking it though with everyone, we have elected to bring Seb back in as an injury replacement if the authorities give us the all-clear.
Cairns police superintendent Brian Connors said: "They're doing that as rapidly as they can so they can give us the all-clear to let people back home."
We will have to wait for the fire investigators to give us the all-clear and clear the smoke before we can enter and see what damage has been done.'
If he gets to five years, they will give us the all-clear.