give (one) the all-clear

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give (one) the all-clear

To signal or indicate to one that something has been resolved or that it is safe to proceed. After the police officer gave us the all-clear, we were able to continue down the road. Yeah, I had the flu, but I'll be back at work tomorrow—the doctor just gave me the all-clear.
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give (or get) the all-clear

indicate (or get a sign) that a dangerous situation is now safe.
In wartime a signal or siren is often sounded to indicate that a bombing raid is over.
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give somebody/get the all-ˈclear

give somebody/get a sign that a particular situation is no longer dangerous: She got the all-clear from the doctor and was sent home from the hospital.This idiom refers to the signal that is sounded in wartime when a bombing raid is over.
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"We are keen to go back as soon as possible, given how important this industry is to the Vanuatu economy, but we won't go back until the authorities give us the all clear," said David Gray, a spokesman for the Australian arm of cruise company Carnival Corp.
"When the experts give us the all clear we'll get the operation back up and running," Paul Haskins, head of safety at National Air Traffic Service, told BBC radio.
I waited eight hours watching people, who looked like they had a joint or two in them, patrol the aircraft only to give us the all clear to fly.
The store's manager Mr Richard Coyle said: "Obviously we're hoping that the council give us the all clear as this is a very exciting development for the store.