give (one) grief

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give (one) grief

To criticize or tease someone. Once my brother hears that I hit a parked car, he'll give me grief about it for years to come. I'm pretty sure that Kevin likes Katie, so I keep giving him grief about it.
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give someone grief

be a nuisance to someone. informal
1998 Times One of the passengers who'd been giving the cabin crew grief started yelling, ‘We've had a near miss.’
See also: give, grief, someone

give somebody ˈgrief (about/over something)

(informal) be annoyed with somebody and criticize their behaviour: Stop giving me grief and let me finish this!
See also: give, grief, somebody
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And as it starts to warm up, those weed seeds will begin emerging and starting to give us grief.
The potential downside to giving the 2nd valid dose soon after the 1st valid dose is that some local school districts may interpret the rules too tightly (but we get around that with a letter from us) or that some 3rd-party payers may give us grief until we point out that this shorter time between valid dose 1 and valid dose 2 is an acceptable schedule per ACIP and even the American Academy of Pediatrics (see below).
No other writer can give us grief, sarcasm, anger, and humor, and wrap it with love.