give trouble

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give (one) trouble

To be a source of struggle or problems for one. Modifiers like "some," "much," and "no," are often used before "trouble." If these kinds of math problems always seem to give you trouble, maybe you should ask your teacher for some more help. You need to go see the doctor if your knee is giving you that much trouble. If you don't want to be arrested, don't give the police any trouble.
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give (somebody) (some, no, any, etc.) ˈtrouble

cause problems or difficulties: My back’s been giving me a lot of trouble lately.The children didn’t give me any trouble at all when we were out.
See also: give, trouble
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References in classic literature ?
He was always considerate and un-wishful to give trouble. How could he forget himself and bring this on us!'
She was talking nonsense, but not worse nonsense than people usually do talk at breakfast, the cerebral circulation, as he knew to his cost, being apt to give trouble at that hour.
Tulkinghorn," Sir Leicester interrupts him, "TO give trouble. An exceedingly ill-conditioned, levelling person.
Tarun vernacular weekly has raised the question whether the Home Minister's order is just to give trouble to those construction contractors who have not given financial support to the UML-Maoist alliance!
Acknowledging that the intra-community challenges involved in the issue of supporting Israel are also linked to objections over commonly accepted aspects of Jewish identity, would give Trouble in the Tribe the appearance of a full-fledged work.
In addition, Rushton swears that Horn has the will and the heart to give trouble to anybody, including Pacquiao.
It has been developed precisely for problematic surfaces, where rocks, scrap and debris give trouble to even the most experienced operators.
We've had cause to give trouble. If we speak up for ourselves, we are told to 'shut up'."
Placed on his first two outings, Malcolm Jefferson's charge triumphed at Market Rasen despite his evident greenness, which saw him give trouble on the way to the start as well as idling late on.
He's definitely a challenge because he can also give trouble down at the start.
She used to give trouble at the stalls, but a lot of work went into solving that problem and giving her confidence, during the winter.
Leeds have nilled Rochdale and Bradford in the past two weeks, but Henry Paul, Mark McLinden and Luke Dorn may give trouble to the Rhinos defence.
PCS has come up with a new packaged vacuum system, utilising a tubular receiver to give trouble free discharge of most hard to handle powders.
Transfer boxes which adjust the gear ratios for on and off-road work can give trouble and engine cylinder head gaskets can blow and need watching.