give to

give (something) to (someone)

1. To pass or hand something to someone Can you give these files to Bob for me? I already gave my present to Mom—was I supposed to wait?
2. To bestow or gift something to someone. I plan to give my grandmother's ring to my daughter when she turns 18. Please give this money to the landscaper when he comes by later.
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give something to someone

to bestow something, such as a gift, on someone. Please give this to Sally Wilson. Who gave this book to me? I want to thank whoever it was.
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It is only when we learn to give ourselves to Christ that we can cheerfully give to support His purpose.
Many people give to a campaign or specific cause within a charity.
You can go to and use the agency's "Exempt Organizations Select Check'' to see if the group you give to is qualified.
Still, more would agree with a reader from Valley City, North Dakota who stopped giving to a charity because "it did not meet Catholic ethical standards." Readers overwhelmingly prefer to give to their parish (83 percent of readers) and other Catholic charitable organizations (76 percent).
If I give myself entirely to a person, there is nothing left over and at my disposal to give to someone else.
Virginia Hodgkinson, the lead author of the studies cited above, concluded that religious people did not simply give because of the exhortations of their faith, but that they initially begin giving to their church or synagogue and that practice disposes them to give to other community causes.
Tax advisers must understand the weight (or deference) courts give to revenue rulings when they determine a level of authority (e.g., reasonable basis, substantial authority, or more-likely-than-not) for a tax return position that implicates a revenue ruling.
There are other limits on how much you can give to political parties, and there are overall limits on how much a person can give in a two-year period, but to keep this simple I want to focus on contributions by people to candidates.
"Quick and easy to set up, Payroll Giving gives the business a real edge and the Grants programme offers a real incentive for smaller companies to set up a scheme, giving their staff the opportunity to give to a charity of their choice, in a tax efficient way.
The practice is widespread, the money involved sometimes immense, and the implications potentially troubling: While, by law, anyone can contribute any amount, critics wonder if more than the democratic spirit motivates public employees to give to officials.
Seven in 10 of us give to charity regularly, directing more than pounds 7billion a year to good causes.
Designate a specific amount of money that you plan to give to charities and stay within that amount.
What she does give to her readers, however, is a scrumptious meal of her own, and for this we should all be indebted.
"I came back and said I would like to give to [capital improvements], but to do something more exciting and focus more on the issues that our foundation works with--namely, gay and lesbian issues."