give to

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give something to someone

to bestow something, such as a gift, on someone. Please give this to Sally Wilson. Who gave this book to me? I want to thank whoever it was.
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Through the act of marital consent, a man and a woman give to one another a new and irrevocable identity.
Even though there is still no uniformity among appeals courts on the proper deference to give to revenue rulings, the trend appears to be moving toward applying the Skidmore deference standard to rulings.
Nearly 70 percent of those government workers who made five or more contributions to either Sheahan or Stroger did not give to anyone else.
About 7 percent of Teamsters members choose to give to its PAC.
In contrast, the RXT view is that power is the amount of a resource that an individual can give to others.
Remember that there will be opportunities to give to other charities in the future.
The amount they give to the parish and their willingness to get involved in parish life surprises their new pastors.
We can help people better allocate their charitable dollar, to find the most efficient groups, the most accountable groups to give to,'' Borochoff said.
Overall, readers say they look to give to missions, not to huge administrative budgets.
One person will give to collections for foreign missions and for the Campaign for Human Development and not to collections for Catholic University or Peter's Pence.
Additionally, with couples tending to get married later in life, respondents mentioned already having "too much stuff," and hoping that encouraging guests to give to the couple's favorite charities would provide balance for the often extravagant nature of weddings.
E[acute accent]"For consumers searching for unique, as well as good value, holiday gifts to give to others, or who want to buy something they really wanted but didn't receive as a gift, Shopzilla.
Echelon Power Segments is a consumer segmentation matrix, which places consumers into one of 18 possible categories that predicts their ability to give to charitable causes.