give (one) some skin

(redirected from give them some skin)
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give (one) some skin

slang To slap hands with one in an amicable fashion; to give one five. Hey man, what's up? Give me some skin!
See also: give, skin

give someone some skin

Sl. [for two people] to touch two hands together in a special greeting, like a handshake. (One hand may be slapped down on top of the other, or they may be slapped together palm to palm with the arms held vertically. Usually said as a command.) Hey, Bob, give me some skin! Come over here, you guys. I want you to meet my brother and give him some skin!
See also: give, skin

Give me (some) skin!

and Give me five! and Slip me five!
exclam. Shake my hand! (see also give someone five, high five.) Hey, man! Give me some skin! Give me five, dude!
See also: give
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Give them some skin in the game." That's the now-cliche directive referring to giving employees the economic incentive to make smarter health care decisions--that is, to get the care they need to stay healthy without overusing the system.