give the shaft

give (one) the shaft

To exploit, cheat, or take advantage of one; to treat one unfairly. Whenever a promotion comes around, management always manages to give me the shaft. Because we live in a tiny, rural community, we feel like the government tends to give us the shaft.
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give someone the shaft

Sl. to cheat or deceive someone; to mistreat someone. (See also get the shaft.) The boss really gave Wally the shaft. Somebody always gives me the shaft.
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The wee-people are honored to give the shaft to the good doctor for saving Himself."
However, the outer diameter tapers to give the shaft an increased FOC (Front of Center) for better flight and penetration.
Ian McGraa and Ryan Griffiths both netted to give the Shafts a memorable win and see them through to the next stage.
These final steps are what give the shafts their perfect, high-gloss shine.