give the heave-ho

give (one) the heave-ho

To dismiss or reject one. "Heave-ho" refers to the literal lifting and tossing of an object; in this sense, it is used metaphorically. I can't believe the boss gave me the heave-ho after five years on the job! A: "Did you hear that Liz broke up with Dan?" B: "Wow, I never expected her to give him the heave-ho!"
See also: give

give (or get) the heave-ho

expel (or be expelled) from an institution, association, or contest. informal
See also: give
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On Sunday, however, voters across Japan finally made the decision to give the heave-ho to the LDP, and to give a different political party and leader a chance to govern.
And they urged Britain to give the heave-ho to Santa's ho-ho-ho - or treat Christmas just the same as other faiths' festivals.