give somebody/get the boot

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get the boot

1. To be fired. I'm going to get the boot if the boss finds out that printing error was my fault.
2. To have one's romantic partner end the relationship with one; to be broken up with. He didn't get the boot—their break-up was mutual.
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get the boot

1. If someone gets the boot, they lose their job. The chief reason he got the boot was because the Chancellor didn't trust him any more. Note: You can also say that you give someone the boot. Davis was given the boot after just nine days of filming and replaced by Jonathan Kaplan.
2. If someone gets the boot, their partner ends their relationship, often in a sudden or unkind way. Sean got the boot from his girlfriend. Note: You can also say that you give someone the boot. Lovers who have been given the boot understand this song very well.
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get the boot

be dismissed from your job or position. informal
Get the boot comes from the idea of being literally kicked out, as does give someone the boot . A facetious expansion of this idiom is get the Order of the Boot .
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give somebody/get the ˈboot

(informal) dismiss somebody/be dismissed from a job: He got the boot for stealing money from the firm.
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The law would also give the boot to any sale of sperm or eggs.
The Rotarians give the boots to the charity which sends them to African countries such as Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana and Zambia.