give the all-clear

give (one) the all-clear

To signal or indicate to one that something has been resolved or that it is safe to proceed. After the police officer gave us the all-clear, we were able to continue down the road. Yeah, I had the flu, but I'll be back at work tomorrow—the doctor just gave me the all-clear.
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give (or get) the all-clear

indicate (or get a sign) that a dangerous situation is now safe.
In wartime a signal or siren is often sounded to indicate that a bombing raid is over.
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give somebody/get the all-ˈclear

give somebody/get a sign that a particular situation is no longer dangerous: She got the all-clear from the doctor and was sent home from the hospital.This idiom refers to the signal that is sounded in wartime when a bombing raid is over.
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And they won't return to work at Broomhead Drive, Dunfermline, until police give the all-clear.
Sure enough, the starter did give the all-clear signal, but the hare stayed steadfastly in its resting position.
For residents of some states, raising the terrorism alert level from Orange (the present level as of this writing) to Red would mean, in essence, "protective" house arrest until local homeland security officials give the all-clear.
They must be reported to the Scot- tish Office, and affected farms can be sealed off until scientists give the all-clear.
Jim And Tonic's journey to Dubai for the Dubai Duty Free race at Nad Al Sheba on March 24 was delayed after a member of the French customs service failed to give the all-clear on Saturday morning.