give static

give (one) static

slang To squabble with or sass one. Just take out the trash like Dad asked you to—you'll get in trouble if you give him any static. Did you really give him static about the terms of the deal? Ugh, he's probably not going to agree to it now!
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give someone static

Fig. to argue with someone; to give someone back talk. I want you to do it and do it now! Don't give me any static!
See also: give, static
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That process differs greatly from most of today's computing systems, which have to be programmed and are designed to run specific processes or to give static responses to queries or requests.
"Don t give static answers," advised one AG leader.
'I want to see them at least give static provision a chance to work.'
"They can stay in the box to give static lighting or can be removed to provide hand-held, moveable lighting.
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