give something a once-over

give (something) a once-over

1. To review, inspect, or examine something in a quick or precursory fashion. Can you give my paper a once-over? Just see if you spot any typos. Make sure you give those figures a once-over to make sure they are correct.
2. To clean something in a quick or precursory fashion. Just give those shelves a once-over because Grandma will be here any minute!
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give something a once-over

If you give something a once-over, you clean it quickly. I found a vacuum cleaner in a small cupboard and gave the carpet a once-over. When you're in the bath, give your feet a once-over with a pumice stone to remove rough skin.
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give somebody/something a/the ˈonce-over

1 look at somebody/something quickly to see what they are/it is like: The landlord gave the house the once-over to check if anything was broken or missing.
2 clean something quickly: She gave the room a quick once-over before the guests arrived.
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