not give (someone or something) houseroom

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not give (someone or something) houseroom

old-fashioned To completely reject or disdain someone or something; to refuse to have or entertain someone or something. While I admire his confidence in his own writing, by not giving criticisms houseroom, he's actually depriving himself of a valuable insight into how to refine his work. I simply don't give people like that houseroom. They're not welcome around me, and I in turn have nothing to do with them.
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not give someone house room

You can say that you would not give someone or something house room when you strongly dislike or disapprove of them and you want to have nothing to do with them. Some leaders should not be given house room in any western alliance. Personally, I feel that some of the paintings that people pay so much for are absolute rubbish. You know, I wouldn't give them house room.
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not give something houseroom

be unwilling to have or consider something. British
The word houseroom , dating from the late 16th century, literally means ‘lodging or accommodation in a house’.
1986 Liz Lochhead True Confessions Course I do get the Woman and the Woman's Own plus I swap Options for the Cosmopolitan off our Joy. I wouldn't give Woman's Realm houseroom.
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not give somebody/something ˈhouseroom

(British English) not want somebody/something in your house because you dislike or do not approve of it/them; completely reject somebody/something: I wouldn’t give that ugly old furniture houseroom.She won’t give any of these theories houseroom.
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