give someone/something the once-over

give (one) the once-over

To look at one in a way that conveys interest, often sexual interest. That cute guy is definitely giving you the once-over—you should go talk to him!
See also: give

give (something) a once-over

To address something quickly, especially reviewing or cleaning it. Can you give my paper a once-over? Just see if you spot any typos. Just give those shelves a once-over because Grandma will be here any minute!
See also: give

give someone/something the once-over


give someone/something a once-over

If you give someone or something the once-over or a once-over, you look at them or examine them quickly. Penny gives me the once-over. I'm wearing a bright jacket that'll go down well with European viewers, she says. Could you give this email a once-over before I send it, please? Note: You can also just talk about a once-over. You could bring the car to a mechanic for a once-over.
See also: give, someone, something
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