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Also most GP surgeries will give someone an appointment the same day if it is deemed necessary.
If I'd be given the chance to give someone a gift, I'd give it to (MYX VJ) Ai dela Cruz.
When we give someone an Easter egg, we're really saying: Hold out hope
Nicole's like that when she's about to give someone a yes or a no.
I'd like them to give someone a five-year contract and for Mike Ashley to come out and say,'This is the man that the football board has chosen.
Everyone gets caught at some time when the clocks go forward - turning up late for a Sunday morning league game or getting it wrong when you promised to give someone a lift.
Announcing his decision to stand down, Doran told his local party he believed it was now time to step aside and give someone else the chance to fight for the seat.
I know one thing is certain To put a smile on your face Is to hold a loved one real close In a tight loving embrace And if you do it quite often It becomes like a drug It really is amazing The power of a hug Whether in sad times, or glad times When arms warmly enfold you The feeling is so special As the energy flows through you Also in times of forgiveness Please swallow your pride Just hold out your arms And you will feel good inside There's no other feeling quite like it So don't be a mug Hold out your arms Go on, give someone a big hug
He said: "I'm hoping this will give someone a good start.
IT'S a time for New Year resolutions so why not give someone a surprise gift with a new Try Dive voucher from Cardiff's British School of Sub Aqua Club and give someone the opportunity to try their hand at scuba diving for the first time.
You know how it is, when you give someone a really rubbish present, and they give you something great?
He said: ''If I give someone my heart and they stamp on it in my face that's how I am sensitive - over this show you have ripped my heart out and stamped on it'.
COUNTY boss Dean Holdsworth had predicted that his team was going to give someone a thrashing soon and it duly arrived on Saturday as County outplayed Chelmsford, a side who are expected to be among their rivals for promotion this season.
This is a wonderful way to assure the future of nursing in Maryland, and to give someone who deserves it that feeling of being "shocked, amazed and honored.
The most important thing is to give someone a break, just like she got.
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